Jewish-American comedian Alex Edelman, who is currently performing in New York City in the acclaimed show “JUST FOR US,” received a pleasant surprise this weekend. 

Comedian, actor, producer and director Jerry Seinfeld came with his wife Jessica Seinfeld to watch the young Edelman perform. The two were photographed together, and Edelman uploaded the photo with the caption, “It’s like Michael Jordan came to watch my basketball game.” 

He thanked the Seinfelds for the significant and incredible moment.

The show itself takes the audience through hilarious anecdotes from the life of Alex Edelman - his Olympic brother AJ, an unconventional holiday season, and a gorilla who can speak sign language – but at the center of the show is an unusual and relevant story. 

After a string of antisemitic abuse was directed at Edelman on the internet, he decided to secretly attend a convention of white nationalists in New York and meets face-to-face with the people behind the keyboard.