IDF tweets Hezbollah missile stockpile coordinates

The IDF's tweet showing the coordinates of Hezbollah missile sites.
(photo credit: TWITTER)

"Here are the coordinates to put in your Waze."

The English-language Twitter account of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit posted on Tuesday night the coordinates of Hezbollah's reported missile stockpiles.
"Here are the coordinates to put in your Waze," the tweet said. "Let's hope the journalists get there before Nasrallah's moving trucks do."
The main coordinates posted by the IDF (33.832307N, 35.513772E) point to a storage facility located between Abbas El Mousawi Street and the Beirut-Sidon highway, 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) north of the Beirut International Airport.
Satellite imagery shows that the facility, the coordinates of which were posted by the IDF, lies some 245 meters (805 feet) southwest of the Iranian embassy and some 230 meters (755 feet) west of the embassy of Yemen.
Following the main coordinates, the IDF posted "two bonus sites to check out afterward." The first, the coordinates of which are 33.832307N, 35.513772E, is located 854 meters (2,800 feet) northeast of the Beirut International Airport.
The second site, the coordinates of which are 33.815185N, 35.510432E, is located 1.13 kilometers (3,722 feet) southeast of the airport and some 155 meters (508 feet) south of the Imam Sadiq compound.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed to alleged Hezbollah sites while addressing the UN General Assembly. "Here is where the next explosion could take place," he said, referring to a map of Beirut's Janah neighborhood.
Netanyahu later posted the map on Twitter, showing an aerial image of a "Hezbollah missiles factory" located between two gas companies, a gas station and civilian housing.
"We all saw the terrible explosion at Beirut port last month that affected a quarter of a million people," Netanyahu said. "Here are the actual coordinates of where the next explosion could take place – the Beirut neighborhood of Janah."
Hezbollah "is keeping a secret arms depot there — right next to the international airport, and meters away from a gas company and a gas station. And it's embedded in civilian housing," Netanyahu continued.
"I say to the people of Janah: You've got to act now."
Several weeks ago, a large explosion took place at the Beirut Port, claiming the lives of at least 200 people, according to Al Jazeera. A stockpile of some 2,700 metric tons of ammonium nitrate is believed to have caused the deadly blast.
Ammonium nitrate, a high-nitrogen fertilizer, is a chemical compound often used for explosives. The stockpile is believed to have been used by Hezbollah for munition, but was reportedly seized by the Lebanese authorities and stored in the port.
Lahav Harkov contributed to this report.

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