10 must-have apps for tourists visiting Israel

The dating app Tinder is shown on an Apple iPhone in this photo illustration taken February 10, 2016
(photo credit: REUTERS/MIKE BLAKE)

If you're touring the Holy Land, these electronic assets will amplify your experience tenfold.

It's no surprise that Israel is one of the world's top tourist destinations.
The range of historical sites, natural landscapes and geopolitical intrigue make it a go-to country for travelers from around the world. Summer is an exceptionally good time to visit if you want to take advantage of the outdoors - especially the country's beaches.
In preparation for the summer, The Jerusalem Post has compiled a list of ten must-have apps that every tourist visiting Israel should download in order to make the most of their stay.
1. Moovit: Most of the tourists who come to a foreign country do not know how to travel by train, bus or taxi service. Using public transportation can save high costs, which is why every tourist must have the "Moovit" app. The app offers guidance from the first step until you reach your endpoint. The application is effective from walking to the right and short way to reach the destination whether it is on the bus, on foot or by bicycle.
An Egged bus in front of the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (Marc Israel Sellem)
2. Cellopark: Many tourists decide to rent a car during their stay, and in a small country like Israel, it is also highly recommended. With the help of Cellopark you can easily park a vehicle across the country. The app has a special tourist route that includes an international SIM, and it receives international credit cards. The Cellopark application is available in Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic, and allows payment of parking fees by phone in blue and white parking areas, without characters parking or parking tickets.
3. Tinder: Which tourist does not want to find a suitable match in a foreign country? Tinder is the largest GPS-based dating tipper. At the touch of a button, you can find a match at a reasonable distance range and at whatever age you'd like.
The dating app Tinder is shown on an Apple iPhone in this photo illustration taken February 10, 2016 (Reuters)
4. KVISI: Travelers who care about clean clothes can easily use the KVISI application that provides laundry services, dry cleaning, folding and ironing at the touch of a button. The service offers free shipping and includes arrival and collection of laundry from the customer according to schedule. The payment is via cellular phone.
Clothes (INGIMAGE)
5. WAZE: A must-have app for everyone, but it is definitely recommended especially for tourists who have difficulty traveling around the country or who want to know the least clogged way. WAZE, the world's largest GPS-based navigation application, is a large community-based application that helps update road events on the go (police cruises, road hazards, traffic jams, etc.)
Waze, an Israeli mobile satellite navigation application, has revolutionized driving (Reuters/Nir Elias)
6. Grindr: Many proud tourists come to Israel and want to find a suitable match. For this purpose, the application is a must. This is a geo-social network application that offers for gay and bisexual men based on GPS location. A free version and a subscriber's version are available.
An Israeli gay couple marches in Jerusalem (GPO)
7. Carbyne: Emergencies can happen and it is very important to be prepared, especially when you are a tourist who does not know all the rules and procedures of making an emergency call. What can give you a more secure feeling than knowing that just by pressing a button you can get assistance from all rescue centers in the country?
The Carbyne application is an intelligent reporting system for rescue centers. It starts at the control room and ends with providing assistance in the field. The system allows you to report to emergency centers by pressing a button in a dedicated smartphone application with location-based visual reporting in the form of live video. Thus, emergency centers can learn about the situation more quickly and send the most appropriate and efficient assistance to the exact location reported.
A United Hatzalah ambulance in northern Israel(United Hatzalah)
8. Airbnb: Search for accommodation and hotel can be an exhausting process for tourists. Airbnb offers holiday units that feel like a short-term rental house. Using the app, you can connect to the owners of such units, usually private individuals who do not manage a hotel. Units can be found based on position preference, price, quality and rating.
Photo of woman on the bed with old book and cup of coffee (INGIMAGE)
9. Gett: It is hard to get out and go out in Tel Aviv without knowing the "Gett" app. Every tourist who comes to Israel and wants to go out only with a credit card and a mobile phone must know the app. Gett services include booking a taxi with the click of a button. The taxi will arrive in an average of 3 minutes, you can pay by credit card and the drive is very safe. The app allows you to rate drivers according to service metrics to ensure you get only the best drivers.
The app operates 24/7 including Fridays and Saturdays. In addition, Gett offers fast and efficient courier services, so there is a possibility of ordering services to travel around the country with a van for a day or two.
Gett Taxi logo (Courtesy)
10. TripAdvisor: Which restaurant has the most delicious menu? What is the highest rated hotel? What is the most recommended destination to travel and visit? Each tourist must have the Trip Advisor app. The free app recommends everything you need to know and it is based on user's reviews and ratings. The application uses a GPS location survey. It also allows you to purchase airline tickets and book rooms in hotels. There are question-and-answer forums you can use.
A table at Herbert Samuel restaurant at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Herzlyia (Afik Gabai)

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