Israeli firm unveils 'Drone Dome' that defends against aerial attacks

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems's Drone Dome
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Rafael's new system is designed to detect and neutralize hostile drones.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled the Drone Dome on Monday, a system designed to detect and neutralize hostile drones.
The Drone Dome, which went on display at the Laad Defense & Security Expo in Brazil, uses a radar and cameras to detect and track the movements of enemy drones flying in prohibited areas and then disrupts its electronic systems, thereby ending its flight.
The Israeli defense company said the system stops intrusions by micro and nano drones “used by terrorists to perform aerial attacks, collect intelligence, and other intimidating activities.”
“Drone Dome has 360-degree circular coverage and is designed to detect, track and neutralize drones classified as threats flying in no-fly zones. Drone Dome has a very fast response time, [and] it causes minimal collateral interruptions to the surrounding urban environment, with maximum safety to friendly aircraft,” the company said.
Using a radar and electro- optic senors, the system is able to detect drone intrusions, and issue an alert to the unmanned vehicle’s operator.
It can then initiate an “automatic inference operation” in the drone’s ability to navigate.
System users can also activate satellite navigation interference and radio frequency jamming systems to prevent the drone from being to move further, Rafael said.

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