First maritime cargo shipment from UAE enters Haifa Port

Containers are seen in this general view of the port of the northern city of Haifa April 23, 2013.
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)

Exports from Israel to the UAE are also being considered.

The first ship carrying cargo from the United Arab Emirates to Israel entered the Haifa Port on Monday. 
The ship carried iron, firefighting equipment, cleaning equipment and electronic equipment. It will bring cargo from the Emirates on a weekly basis.
The shipment marks a new trade line between Israel and the UAE. Exports from Israel to the Emirates are also being considered, according to Port2Port.
The cabinet is set to vote on Israel’s peace agreement with the UAE on Monday, ahead of a Knesset debate and vote on Thursday.
The ship that entered Haifa on Monday, the MCS Paris, covers a route between India, Israel and other Mediterranean ports.
"This is an exciting and historic event. It is symbolic that the first ship with cargo from the Emirates arrives exactly at the same time as the approval of the historic agreement in the Israeli government," said Eshel Armony, chairman of the Haifa Port Company board of directors, according to Port2Port.
"The Haifa Port proves time and time again its importance to the Israeli economy, and we are convinced that this importance will only intensify at the end of the privatization process in which we are now," he said.
"This is the first time that imported containers have been transported directly from the ports of Abu Dhabi and Jabal Ali to the port of Haifa," explained Edni Simkin, CEO of MSC Israel, adding that this is "a big change from what it was in the past, which included lengthy charges and political bills. Now there is a simple and clear bill of lading that says Abu Dhabi – Haifa Port."
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the ship "made history."
"A new trade route was opened between the UAE and Israel," the prime minister tweeted. "The peace agreement between us leads to collaborations that will bring billions to the citiznes of Israel. This is especially important during the coronavirus period, so we can help everyone and strengthen the economy."
Lahav Harkov contributed to this report.

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