Dr. Yitzhak Kadman stepping down from National Council for the Child after 30 years

PRESIDENT REUVEN RIVLIN holds the citation for encouragement, initiative and social responsibility alongside Dr. Yitzhak Kadman, January 28, 2016
(photo credit: MARK NEYMAN / GPO)

Kadman said that following his retirement he will first "take time for rest, reflection and rehabilitation of the body and soul that need relaxation."

Dr. Yitzhak Kadman announced on Monday he will step down from the National Council for the Child after 30 years as the organization’s executive director.
He will be replaced by attorney Vered Windman, who is currently head of the organization’s legal department.
“A generation has passed since I took upon myself in 1986 to found and establish a new body called the ‘National Council for the Child (in response to a query by the founders and activists of ‘the rally of the President’s Office for child well-being’),’” Kadman wrote.
The NCC, an independent NGO, works to advance the rights and well-being of all children in Israel from birth to age 18.
“Hundreds of thousands of children from all layers of the population were helped by the council directly, over the last 30 years, through the activities of the Children’s Rights Mobile Unit, the ombudsman for children guiding children who were victims of crimes, and more,” Kadman wrote.
“And millions of children have been helped indirectly (and this is not an exaggeration) as a result of extensive legislation, changes in perception and awareness, from reforms and changes in attitudes toward children and their rights and much more,” he continued.
Kadman offered his praise and thanks to the staff, volunteers and professionals, saying none of the organization’s activities would have been possible without their efforts.
“A deep belief that we must ‘fix the world of the Kingdom of Heaven’ helped me and my partners on our path and faith to overcome all the difficulties and frustrations, and there were many, during all those years,” he wrote, adding that he was confident the work and mission of the Council “will not end and will not slow down for even a moment.”
He ended the letter by calling for “continuing to protect the world of the child through giving and actions that will promise children a better world, a better present and a better future.”
Following his retirement, Kadman said he will “take time for rest, reflection and rehabilitation of the body and soul that need relaxation.”

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