Israel's field hospital in Ukraine - in pictures

field hospital Kokhav Yair tents in sunrise, in the town of Mostyska
(photo credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)

With war still raging in Ukraine, Israel's first field hospital in the country, from the Sheba Medical Center, is there to help. Check out photos from the ground.

As the Ukraine-Russia war rounds off its first month of conflict, thousands of people have fled from the fighting across the country and seeking shelter, food and medical attention.

Equipment leaves for Ukraine in Israel's official field hospital in the war-torn country, March 25, 2021 (credit: Foreign Ministry).
doctors check patient xrays in morning daylight in field hospital in ukraine (credit: NAAMA FRANK AZRIEL, SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)

medical seeking ukrainian refugees at the sheba field hospital (credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)
medical volunteer in the field hospital taking care of a Ukrainian baby (credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)

From Tel Hashomer, Sheba Medical Center's field hospital is the first to arrive in Ukraine, and is currently caring for hundreds of refugees. Medical volunteers are doing their best to care for everyone as long waiting lines form.

medical volunteer taking care of a Ukrainian baby in Sheba field hospital (credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)

Israel is the first country to open a field hospital, which is called “Kohav Meir” (Shining Star) and located near the town of Mostyska by the Polish-Ukrainian border. 

While the long lines and many are waiting, medical volunteers try to reach everyone (credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)

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