Global survey finds that most people slept longer during lockdown

Baby boy in sleeping on bed
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The survey was translated and distributed in 10 different languages.

An international survey of 11,450 people around the world, has found that most people had improved sleep during the coronavirus lockdowns, according to a university press release on Wednesday. The survey was distributed in 10 different languages.
Most of the survey sample reported overall improved sleep during during quarantine, with young adults reporting more than an extra half an hour of sleep per day. These positive changes were more pronounced in people who stopped using alarm clocks during work-days. According to the researchers, people sleep more frequently at or close to their chronotype-specific times due to relaxed social time pressure (flexible work schedule and work from home) and thereby get more sleep and increase sleep timing consistency.
The survey was published in the journal Scientific Reports and done by Dr. Maria Korman, a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Ariel University. Along with Korman, researchers from around the world also contributed to the study, including Prof. Till Roenneberg (LMU, Germany), and other academics from Russia, Japan, India, and Portugal.
Dr. Korman is an expert in neuroscience, specializing in human cognitive functioning, sleep and chronobiology.

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