NYC mayoral candidates speak with Yeshiva U students ahead of election

Ray McGuire, a NYC mayoral candidate, speaks during a press conference where Asian American leaders and candidates for New York City Mayor denounce the rise of attacks against Asian Americans at the National Action Network in New York City, US, March 18, 2021.

The four members are Kathryn Garcia, Scott Stringer, Ray McGuire and Eric Adams.

The undergraduate students of Yeshiva University were keyed in on the policies of four NYC Democratic mayoral candidates in an event organized by the Yeshiva University Political Action Club on Monday, YU's independent student newspaper The Commentator reported on Tuesday.
The event, which was live-streamed, had around 300 students signed up, according to Meir Lightman, one of YUPAC's presidents. The four members are Kathryn Garcia, Scott Stringer, Ray McGuire and Eric Adams.
Once all the candidates signed on to the conference, students heard opening remarks, which were followed by an open question forum. Stringer, who had grown up in Washington Heights, the location of the university's men's campus, and a residential area for both students and graduates, recalled his youth, The Commentator noted.
McGuire touched on his relationship with the Jewish community of New York City, calling it "long-standing," the report continued.
He had spent the previous day in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Williamsburg, distributing food deliveries for Passover.
Earlier this month, McGuire held a virtual meeting with around 20 rabbis from across the religious spectrum to strengthen his already strong ties to the Jewish community as he continues his run, saying "I'm taking all prayers, I need your help," The Forward reported.
Garcia helped to organize and distribute food packages for Passover as well.
"Hate is on the rise," Stringer said, referencing the rise in antisemitism that has moved to the online world as the pandemic progressed. He "attributed" it to former US president Donald Trump, "who he said "legitimized hate and white supremacy."
He also denounced the BDS movement, joined by Garcia, who said he believes it is "antisemitic and anti-Israel," The Commentator noted.
The school club explained to The Commentator that they contacted all candidates who "had a viable chance of becoming mayor," meaning they were polling over 1%.
Andrew Yang was scheduled to attend the event, but cancelled mid-event.
The New York Democratic primary elections will take place on June 22.

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