Muslim Instagrammer harasses Jewish clients in Michigan kosher shop

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, also known as BDS.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

In a video that was shared on Twitter by the account @Stop_BDS, we can see the Instagrammer walking throughout the shop, harassing the clients.

Abdullah aka Dulla Mulla, a Yemeni content creator on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok known for skits and pranks, went to a Jewish-owned kosher store in Detroit, Michigan and harassed Jewish patrons by showing them a picture on his phone of a Palestinian flag and the words "Free Palestine" written on it and recording their reactions for his newest video. 
In the video that was shared on Twitter by the account @BDSreport, Dulla Mulla can be seen walking throughout and in front of the shop, harassing the clients, asking them to read the sentence on his phone.  
Later on, he received thousands of responses on his direct messages (DM) on the social media platform, sharing it into his "story," writing "DM filled with Jews, Anti-Semitic my a**."
He has amassed a sizeable following on his various social media profiles, boasting around 291.5K TikTok followers, 290K Instagram followers and 26.9K YouTube subscribers.
Jewish organizations such as Stop Antisemitism reacted on Twitter, calling this behavior harassment.
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