Well-known graphic designer suspected of tax evasion of NIS 3 million

Illustration photo of a bitcoin. January 18, 2018.
(photo credit: NOAM REVKIN FENTON/FLASH90)

It was found during the investigation that the suspect didn't report any income from sales from a platform at all.

Ben Benhorin, a graphic designer from Tel Aviv who specialized in creating and selling NFT-type digital art, was arrested Sunday for not reporting his revenues totaling approximately NIS 3 million from his sales as well as not reporting the conversion of 30 Ethereum-type digital currencies that he received as payments.

Benhorin creates and sells NFT art on the Opensea International platform under the brand name WUWA. It was found during the investigation that as part of the annual report to the tax authorities in 2021, the suspect did not report any income from sales on the platform at all.

According to the suspicion, Benhorin converted some of the cryptocurrency he received for the sale of the NFT into other currencies, using the Uniswap platform and didn't report this to the tax authority, an action that is considered a sale and taxable.

No reports of such conversions were found in the tax returns submitted by the suspect. The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court released the suspect under restrictive conditions and his investigation will continue.

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