The Ramat Gan Safari has gained a new animal: Sherman the hedgehog.

Sherman, an extremely overweight hedgehog, has lived his life up until now on the streets. He weighs twice as much as a normal hedgehog due to his affinity for eating cat food that is left out by well-intentioned Israelis.

While a chubby hedgehog may sound endearing, for Sherman, the extra weight was a burden. At 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs), he had difficulty walking and was eventually taken to an animal hospital before being transferred to the safari.

Now on a diet, Safari employees hope that Sherman will lose his extra pounds and live his fullest hedgehog live. Since being transferred to the Safari, he has lost 120 grams (.26 lbs). He is not the only overweight hedgehog on a diet at the Safari - there are 10 others who have been placed on strict exercise and diet regimes.

The Safari is also home to a long-eared hedgehog.

Reuters contributed to this report.
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