Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked the opening of a historic week at a cabinet meeting Sunday, praising Netta Barzilai for her triumph at Eurovision and previewing the US embassy's upcoming move to Jerusalem on Monday.

"Boker TOY," he opened his remarks in Hebrew, a play on the phrase boker tov, which means 'good morning,' in celebration of Netta's win hours earlier. "A very good morning," he followed up.

As he entered the meeting, the prime minister gestured chicken wings in honor of Netta. The singer uses the dance move in her song Toy, which has gained fame for her use of chicken sounds.

"These days, Jerusalem is blessed with many gifts. We got another one last night, with Netta's brilliant and thrilling victory," the prime minister said. "The gift is that the Eurovision will be coming to Jerusalem next year. We will be proud to host it. I think we will do everything that allows another big event with a great international viewership in our city, in our country."

He also touched on the embassy move and marked the day as Jerusalem Day.

"[United States] President [Donald] Trump promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - [and] he did so. [He] Promised to transfer the American Embassy - [and] is doing so. Of course we all celebrate this day tomorrow, it's a celebration. Then there will be two additional embassies, Guatemala and Paraguay, and others on the way," he said.

"We mark Jerusalem Day at the Bible Museum [today, Sunday], that's no coincidence," Netanyahu remarked. "Jerusalem is mentioned about 650 times in the Bible. The reason is simple: For 3,000 years it has been the capital of our people, and only of our people. We dreamed of going back, to building it...  that's exactly what we're doing today," he continued.

"The heavenly Jerusalem, and Jerusalem below. We are committed to this city, it is part of our soul, part of our being, our physical activity and our spiritual endeavor," Netanyahu added.

"Happy holiday, Jerusalem," he concluded.