There have been a variety of events marking Israel’s 70th anniversary, but none may be as long-lasting as a venture between the veteran Faust Brewing Company in Germany and the Alexander boutique brewery in Emek Hefer, which this coming Monday will join forces to create a new brew that will be known as ‘70’ to toast Israel on its 70th year of statehood.

The official launch of the joint venture initiated by the German Embassy in Israel will be a day-long affair beginning at 11 a.m., when Ori Sagi and Cornelius Faust get together at the Alexander Brewery in Emek Hefer to produce the new golden brew.

The Faust Brewery in Miltenberg, Bavaria, has been in business for more than 360 years, and Cornelius Faust is the Chief Brewer. The famous brewery built into the side of a hill is one of Miltenberg’s tourist attractions.

The Alexander Brewery, which has won several prizes, is also a tourist attraction. Sagi, a former commander of an Apache squadron in the Israel Air Force, was always fond of beer, so much so that he was a professional beer-taster before going into beer production. He has already produced an impressive array of beers and is looking forward to putting the ‘70’ label on a bottle.