Gal Gadot joins Israeli vaccine campaign amid measles outbreak

Actress Gal Gadot joined an ongoing campaign in favor of vaccines

‘Listen to doctors,’ urges Wonder Woman star

Gal Gadot wants you to vaccinate your children.
The actress and Wonder Woman star has joined an ongoing campaign in favor of vaccines. On Tuesday, Gadot uploaded a post on Facebook - visible only in Israel - calling on people to stay healthy and seek out immunizations.
“We’re all posting a photo with our hands on our vaccinated shoulders,” Gadot wrote in Hebrew alongside a photo of herself with a hand on her shoulder.
“Because an immunized environment is a protected environment in the eyes of medicine - listen to doctors,” she wrote, adding:
“We should only experience health.”
Gadot, a mother of two, shared her post on Tuesday, just over a week after supermodel Bar Refaeli began the trend on Instagram.
Last week, Refaeli called on her millions of followers to vaccinate with a similar message, and the same hashtag as Gadot: a combination of the Hebrew words for vaccine and kindergarten.
Since Refaeli’s post, more than 100 other people - including doctors, nurses and other celebrities - have uploaded similar photos to Instagram.
The country is currently facing a severe measles outbreak, affecting more than 2,000 Israelis. And flu season kicks off, the Health Ministry is also urging all over six months to get a flu shot.

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