Labor leader Avi Gabbay has had his share of problems relating to his MKs and activists since winning the leadership of the party 14 months ago.

His twists and turns on key issues, his efforts to force out two of his current MKs and his insistence on choosing most of the party’s list by himself have not helped him win friends in the party.

But Gabbay proved more than ever that he had not repented on Rosh Hashanah eve Sunday, when he made a joke at the expense of his mostly Ashkenazi constituency and Knesset faction on social media.

Gabbay posted a photograph of his mother, Sara, with the gefilte fish he told her to cook for the holiday along with the traditional Moroccan delicacies that she has made for her family for decades.

“I told her, ‘mother, I am leader of the Labor Party,’” Gabbay wrote. “‘Make gefilte fish so we'll know what they are talking about.’ This is what came out.”

He concluded the post with his mother’s reaction to the red-colored fish: “I don’t make food without paprika.”

Gabbay’s message received more than 2,400 likes on Facebook, many positive comments praising his sense of humor, and some people sharing their own problems making gefilte fish. But others sharply criticized the post and accused him of racism.

“How is it connected that you are head of Labor and who is them [sic] for you?” one of the commentators responded.

Another wrote: “Avi Gabbay, you are so pathetic, you have reached new heights. If this is the way you intend to woo Sephardi voters, then you should really have good luck. You are shameful.”

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