United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres and 50 other diplomats walked to New York's East River Saturday evening to cast away their sins in a traditional Rosh Hashana ceremony, known as tashlich, led by Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN Danny Danon.

Guterres wished a "year of peace and prosperity" to the Jewish people and the State of Israel and expressed hope that the "UN will be able to increase the trust it enjoys in the upcoming year."

Danon stated that this tashlikh is a chance "for the UN to look inwards and soul search, to cast off the sins of the old year and start the year with a blank page."

This is not the first time that Danon has invited his fellow diplomats to explore Israel, Judaism and Jewish history. In April, Danon led 40 UN ambassadors, representing a fifth of all diplomats to the world body, on a tour of Israel in honor of the country's 70th Independence Day.

After visiting the City of David during the trip, Ethiopia’s Ambassador Tekeda Alemu said: “This has been a very fantastic experience. One lesson that was very clear is that there is a clear connection between the Old City of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. This cannot be ignored.”