For the past 15 years, Rabbi Yehoshua Fass has helped thousands of olim from North America and the UK make the leap and start a new life in Israel.

Starting anew anywhere is not easy, which is why Nefesh B’Nefesh is there to help new Israeli citizens every step of the way. From housing to employment, NBN strives to make Israeli bureaucracy less intimidating so that olim can focus on starting the new chapter in their lives.

Together with Tony Gelbart, Fass has helped olim actualize what Natan Sharansky has called the “aliya of choice.” As such, the olim that arrive to Israel are making a bold move of leaving their comfortable lives and coming to Israel. Every summer, El Al planes are filled with smiling doctors, lawyers, lone soldiers and young couples eager to begin their life in the Jewish state. Since NBN’s founding, it has helped more than 50,000 olim arrive and integrate into the country.

That number is more than just a figure: It represents countless couples who were wed, families that were created and businesses that flourished in Israel because NBN made it possible for them to come here.

Rabbi Fass also received the dubious honor of appearing on the Chief Rabbinate’s infamous “blacklist” of rabbis who wrote letters confirming the Jewish identity of people that were not accepted by the rabbinate.

Underscoring his influence in Israel, Fass received a swift apology from Chief Rabbi David Lau, who said, “I regret that this incident may have called your reputation into question. The Chief Rabbinate recognizes and appreciates you as a rabbi and all that you have done for the Jewish people.”

Whether making waves or making aliya dreams come true, Fass is a key player in the lives of Jewish people.

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