The nuclear deal is bad, but Iran complying with the deal is worse, Dani Dayan, Consul General of Israel in New York, said at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference on Sunday.

Dayan explained that should Iran comply with the nuclear agreement the country will eventually obtain nuclear weapons, as the agreement only slows progress.

He stressed that Iran is a foremost security threat and that the United States and Israel see "eye to eye" on the dangers of Iran and the deficiencies of the nuclear agreement.

Dayan also addressed the delicate situation in Syria, stating that he is "extremely proud" of Israeli humanitarian support in Syria. "Israel is a light onto the nations," he declared.

"Israeli men and women endanger their lives in order to help Syrians, not even considering the fact that it is an enemy state," Consul General Dani Dayan stated at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference Sunday.

While briefly discussing some of the major issues facing the Jewish State, such as antisemitism and the BDS movement, he jokingly said that he almost wished BDS would be more successful, because then perhaps Justin Bieber would have been prevented from performing in Tel Aviv.