Shayndi Raice, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, came out as the second woman to accuse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman David Keyes of sexual misconduct in a post on Twitter Wednesday.

Raice’s accusation followed a claim by Julia Salazar, a controversial candidate for the New York State Senate who has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for allegedly falsifying her life history, that Keyes had sexually assaulted her. Keyes immediately denied the allegations.
“I had a terrible encounter with David Keyes once and 100% believe her,” Raice wrote. “I knew this would come out about him at some point.

The man had absolutely no conception of the word ‘no.’ No matter how often I said no, he would not stop pushing himself on me. I was able to extricate myself quickly and it was a very brief and uncomfortable moment but I knew as I walked away I had encountered a predator.”

Keyes, who replaced Mark Regev as Netanyahu’s foreign media spokesman in 2016, was accused that year of sexual assault by a woman in his New York apartment in 2013. The American-born Keyes unequivocally denied the allegation by the alleged victim, who posted her claims on Facebook before quickly erasing them.

While Salazar was not named in the reporting from 2016, many of the accuser’s details match with her, including that she attended Columbia University and published an article on an anti-Israel blog about being denied entry to Israel in 2014.

Salazar explained in her tweet that she had not intended to come forward and accuse Keyes because it may have an adverse effect on other women in a similar situation.

“There’s a reason women don’t often come forward after a traumatic experience – because of the triggering and vicious responses that follow. I strongly believe sexual assault survivors should not be outed in this way, and am saddened by the effect this story may have on other women,” she wrote.

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