Footage was found of Jeremy Corbyn thanking Hamas and flattering them for a takeaway meal he enjoyed with them in 2010, according to an article by British tabloid The Sun.

The footage was found not long after Corbyn claimed to not remember having any such meal with the terrorist organization in a comment to reporters in August. "A takeaway dinner?" Corbyn asked. "I don't remember any takeaway dinners."

Corbyn has been under fire after a long series of claims and proofs that his views on Israel are less than ideal.

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This is not the first time Corbyn has acted in a way perceived to be anti-Zionist. He openly expressed support for BDS; he was involved in the release of Mordechai Vanunu, who told Israeli nuclear secrets to the Sunday Times of London; and he infamously laying of a wreath at a memorial for the terrorists behind the Munich Olympics massacre.

The newly-released footage showed Corbyn stating that the food provided by Hamas was "very nice of them and quite a nice gesture."

Corbyn has shown support of Hamas in the past, stating at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in 2010 that there is good reason for "very strong optimism" of the terrorist organization due to them "doing their best."